Friday, August 11

why men are trite

So this afternoon mark and I went to our local sandwich for (ready for this? ) a sandwich. We were sitting there enjoying our philly cheese when in walked a lady that literally made the every guy in the place do a double take. (yes, even mark) Now, I'm not going to sit here and dog the poor girl....maybe she had no money to buy clothes that fit. Those jeans, though they were about two sizes to small, may have been the only ones she had. Jeans aside, she wasn't exactly what I would call 'hot. Not even slightly attractive. Why the doubletakes? Apparently this nice young lady had made a sport out of showing off her butt. Men are such trite creatures. I learned today that all a girl needs to have to look 'hot' is well-shaped butt. Who cares what her face looks the words of metallica, nothing else matters.
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