Sunday, July 9

Lord of the Rings

It's finally happened. I knew it was only a matter of time. No turning back now. I've become a nerd. I know- shockingly dificult to believe, but alas, it's true. What led me to this path of nerd-like attributes? I think it all started with this blogging thing. As every self-respecting nerd knows, it's all about the blog. (I know-I'm gagging myself) But, I couldn't just stop there...OH NO! I'm on a quest. A quest to bring out the complete nerd. What better way to help that process along than by watching Lord of the Rings So, I watched all 3 movies, and quite honestly, I had no clue what really was going on. (I did,however, learn two important things about the movie: I learned that hobbits have big feet but can't walk very fast, and the elves are the most good-looking of all the creatures (well done, orlando bloom) Unsatisfied, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the book. So, here I am a self-proclamed nerd who is actually reading AND enjoying The Lord of the Rings (a book that is 1,178 pages, including the index.
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