Friday, June 23


Yesterday was a first for me. I played Bunco. My future mother-in-law asked me to substitute at her monthly game. The game was supposed to have started at 10:00, but thatnks to me it didn't begin til nearly 10:30. I wish I could say that I merely forgot, or perhaps I was running late, but no such luck. I got lost! Embarrassingly lost. It doesn't matter that I've been there before, or that I live about minutes away from where I was going. How hard could it be to find a house on the golf course? Boy, was I wrong. To make matters worse, My dear Mark, who has never been lost in his life, gave me wrong directions. So here I was wandering around the golf course hoping upon every hope that I would miracously arrive at her house. Thankfully, I made it without sobbing hysterically and embarrassing myself even more.
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