Saturday, June 17

A story about Data

I realized, shockingly for the first time, that I've forgotten Data. "what Data?" "No, not what Data?" "Who's Data? This is Data. Our big German Shepherd. Data is the reason Midnight has been so well trained, and I swear he understands most of what it said, especially when it's about him. He can do all the boring dog stuff: sit, lie down, shake (yawn, yawn) But, how many dogs do you know that can close the door on command, or give kisses when told......he even faked taking his heart worm pill. Mark put it Data's mouth and held his mouth shut so he would swallow it. This is the only way that Data would take the stupid thing. Data would unwillingly swallow it and Mark would let go of his mouth-end of story. But this last time he faked us out. Mark held his mouth as usual,Data swallowed, and Mark let go. Data opened his mouth and out came the soggy pill. He did a fake swallow. I just stood there staring. Next thing I know, Data's tail is wagging and he's heading out the door.

My first trip to Starbucks

I remember when I bought my first Starbucks. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. People everywhere were holding their precious paper cup filled with their preferred coffee. I wanted that, too. I took my place behind a line of about 3 people. I was honestly quite shocked at how easily each patron gave their order. With seemingly no effort they rattled off orders like "Grande Cafe Mocha with soy," "Tall Caramel Macchiato" and "Tall Cafe Americano." Not wanting to appear dumb (imagine that!) I ordered the same thing as the person before me- a "Tall Cafe Americano." The experience did not leaving me wanting more. In fact, quite the opposite. I don't know what I was expecting, but I no sooner put it in my mouth that I nearly spit it right out again. That was a few years ago. These days, I'm the one that rattles her order off breathlessly,if at all.
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