Saturday, May 20

Why graduations should not be outside.....

Yesterday, I was excited about my cousin graduating. Then, I learned that the ceremony was going to be in the stadium....OUTSIDE!! The announced time of 7:00 was changed to 8:00 due to the possibility of rain. (Shouldnt that have been thought about more than 2 hours before the ceremony? But, I digress....) If the powers that be had kept graduation at 8:00, I shudder to think of possibilities-the obvious one being that the torrential rain would've been over by 8:00 and the graduation would've been a great success. But, things weren't goofed up enough, so the graduation was moved again to (you guessed it) 7:00. The outfit I had brought from Tampa to wear to the graduation I didn't even take out of my suitcase. Can you imagine trapsing through mud and muck in Chico's attire? Me neither. At 7:00 it began, and at 7:07 so did the rain. It didn't just rain a little bit. It poured. I was half expecting to see Noah sailing down the football field in the ark. Every speaker was drowned out by the noise of falling rain. The crowd of anticipating people instantly became a sea of umbrellas. Of course, my cousin Kileigh and I seemed to be the only two people in the stadium that were trying (unsuccessfully) to keep dry by holding on to a broken and slightly psychotic umbrella. *** Word to the Wise: a broken umbrella does not keep you fact, you may actually get wetter than not using one at all
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