Tuesday, August 15

getting dropped off

My baby cousin got dropped off at college. Don't know who I feel worse for, him or his mother. As the oldest of four, he is the first one to leave the nest.... His siblings are sad to se him go-the first thing they did was ransack his room. Just kidding Ty!


Blogger yana said...

so it "tie" LOL. awwww, this is an emotional time, huh? leave the nest? awwww, how cute. ransack his room? lol. oh, that nest thing reminds me of pigeons. don't they always know how to find their way back home??

7:05 AM  
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Blogger Jen said...

Ya-it's pretty emotional time, especially for his siblings.

Reminds you of pigeons,huh? Well, let's see pigeons remind me of Mary Poppins (Feed the Birds, topens a bag)

5:41 PM  

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