Friday, June 9

I'm gonna write me a letter

It's definitely summer question about it. It's downright disgusting outside. My car thermometer said 100 degrees. Totally ridiculous. Much too hot. I feel like writing someone a letter- maybe some tree huggin' politician can tell me why it's to stinkin' hot. (of course they can, don't they know everything?) Y'know what? I would not want to be a plant right now-having to rely on someone like mark and I to give me water.....I can see myself withering away. I've been on this running kick-doing pretty good, too. Midnight and I have been getting up early and heading out before Mr. Summer has fully woken up from his night across the ocean.


Anonymous skept1c said...

I agree. Lets write the senators and complain about the heat, LOL. They dont do much of anything else all day but sit around and 'think' (if thats what its called). At least for the money they make they could come spray some cool water on the masses.

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9:50 PM  
Anonymous Gambling Addiction said...

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5:57 PM  

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