Monday, May 22

Why I'd Rather Drive

It's no secret....I positively hate the entire flying experience. Everything from driving to the airport and walking to my gate, to sitting on the airplane trying to pretend that I'm enjoying my book. Then there's the landing. What's not to love about being securely fastened in your seat as the plane is hurling itself onto the runway? So, this weekend I had a flight that left at 7:00 a.m. That's bad enough....what could be worse? I'm glad you asked. How about almost missing the stupid flight?! I got to my gate just as the door was closed. I was told rather rudely that the flight was closed. So I stood there and simply said "please" The mean lady told me again that the flight was closed. So, once again, I simply said "please" This time she ignored me. For the third time, all I said was "please." By this time, I think she was tired of putting up with me. She took my ticket and told me to run. The flight attendant met me on the plane, " Are you Jennifer? " Thankfully, I am. I made the flight without having to shed any tears. Yippee!


Blogger yana said...

yipeee!!! lol

your persistence paid off!!!

what a mean old lady... bitch!

7:24 PM  

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