Sunday, May 28

Meet Midnight

Meet Midnight. (Yes, I know she's white) She is a 9 month Big Boned White German Shepherd puppy. Don't let the word puppy fool you, Midnight is huge. Our other German Shepherd, Data (5 years old) has had to give up his comfy place as the "spoiled only child"--the crowned prince, if you will. As you might imagine, Data was very reluctant and downright unwilling to share anything with Midnight...from cuddle time and toys to the conveted Bye Bye time. Yet over the last couple of months, Data seems to be getting used to this bouncing baby beluga. (Maybe he's realizing she's going to bigger than him.......) He is training her better than I ever could. He is sharing with her all his tried and tested wisdom on what it takes to be a dog: she's learning to guard the house and has already mastered the technique of grabbing a mouthful of dogfood and dropping it a few feet away.


Blogger yana said...

okies...i'm still here. i love this place. i'm just roaming around lol. it's sooo cute & funny how animals also experience that whole "sibling rilvary" LOL. data and midnight? i love the unsual names ;).

that's it, i need a dog to guard our house. pronto.

7:28 PM  

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