Monday, May 29

As far as I'm concerned....

This afternoon, I was on my way to Barnes and Noble (my mother ship) when I looked at the thermometer on my truck. 96 DEGREES! It's not even June yet! Somehow that does leave me with high hopes for a cool summer. As far as I am concerned, SUMMER IS HERE. As long as my air conditioning keeps working the threat of the impending heat and humidity won't bother me at all. Of course, there are some foolish people that are dancing around like sun-baked bunny rabbits at the thought of frying their skin for yet another season. I, however, have begun begin my season of hibernation. It's just too stinkin' hot to go outside. So, I stay inside as much as I can during the day- I only go outside in the early morning hours or after the sun has gone to sleep.


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