Wednesday, January 17

baby cousin

Isn't she the cutest thing?

Friday, January 12

hello 2007

Christmas is over. The decorations have been put away. We've exchanged our unwanted Christmas presents for things we really wanted... 2007 is no longer waiting to arrive. It's here. The year of my wedding is here.

Friday, November 3

The way I see it - by jen leigh

Friday, September 22

isn't it ironic?


Wednesday, August 30

Midnight and I Just Saying "HI"

Tuesday, August 15

getting dropped off

My baby cousin got dropped off at college. Don't know who I feel worse for, him or his mother. As the oldest of four, he is the first one to leave the nest.... His siblings are sad to se him go-the first thing they did was ransack his room. Just kidding Ty!

Friday, August 11

why men are trite

So this afternoon mark and I went to our local sandwich for (ready for this? ) a sandwich. We were sitting there enjoying our philly cheese when in walked a lady that literally made the every guy in the place do a double take. (yes, even mark) Now, I'm not going to sit here and dog the poor girl....maybe she had no money to buy clothes that fit. Those jeans, though they were about two sizes to small, may have been the only ones she had. Jeans aside, she wasn't exactly what I would call 'hot. Not even slightly attractive. Why the doubletakes? Apparently this nice young lady had made a sport out of showing off her butt. Men are such trite creatures. I learned today that all a girl needs to have to look 'hot' is well-shaped butt. Who cares what her face looks the words of metallica, nothing else matters.

Thursday, August 10

Kellie and I

The rock

Saturday, July 29

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I love reading. I love reading about differnet people and how the choices they made affected their lives. It's amazing, really. Every story is a story. Every person has experienced their own pain and suffering as well as (hopefully) happiness and achievement. I've always preferrd to read non-fiction stories. But, lately I've read some fictional stories that have been extremely captivating. Although they may not be real, they very easily could have been. My latest book that I couldn't put down was: The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Every once in awhile a book comes a long that leaves me breathless. The title comes from the name of the digital camera that the main character gives her husband as a way for him to capture memories. This story begins in 1964- when clinical depression and mental retardation were very taboo. During a blizzard one night, a doctor's wife has twins. The first, a boy,is born completely healthy. The second, a girl, is born with Down's Syndrome. While his wife is sleeping, he decides in a drastic moment, to tell his nurse to take his daughter to an institution. The wife is told her daughter died. The nurse raises the daughter as her own. In a word: POWERFUL!

Saturday, July 15

What A Thrill!!

Who would've thought I would shoot a gun and actually really enjoy it? I sure didn't it. I'm glad that I decided to learn to shoot correctly instead of letting Mark show me.....I really didn't much like the semi-automatic-it was pain reloading the stinkin' thing.....The revolver is much easier, I love that it can't get jammed.

Sunday, July 9

Lord of the Rings

It's finally happened. I knew it was only a matter of time. No turning back now. I've become a nerd. I know- shockingly dificult to believe, but alas, it's true. What led me to this path of nerd-like attributes? I think it all started with this blogging thing. As every self-respecting nerd knows, it's all about the blog. (I know-I'm gagging myself) But, I couldn't just stop there...OH NO! I'm on a quest. A quest to bring out the complete nerd. What better way to help that process along than by watching Lord of the Rings So, I watched all 3 movies, and quite honestly, I had no clue what really was going on. (I did,however, learn two important things about the movie: I learned that hobbits have big feet but can't walk very fast, and the elves are the most good-looking of all the creatures (well done, orlando bloom) Unsatisfied, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the book. So, here I am a self-proclamed nerd who is actually reading AND enjoying The Lord of the Rings (a book that is 1,178 pages, including the index.

Monday, July 3

The Other Boleyn Girl

For about a month now Mark's mom has been telling me that I simply had to read "The Other Boleyn Girl" She said I would absolutely love it. But, I have to admit, I really wasn't looking forward to reading a 661 page story on the life of Mary Boleyn, Anne's younger sister. Everyone knows Anne Boleyn as the wife of King Henry VIII who ahd the misfortune of having her head chopped off. (OUCH!) Needless to say, I was not very nxious to begin this book. However, after only the first two pages, I could not put it down. It is written from the viewpoint of Mary Bolelyn, from her days as a young lady in court to winning the favor of the King of England. It's intersting that everything that she must endure is not for her sake, but the sake of her family. NOthing, and I mean nothing, is a private matter when you are competing for the love of the king.

Saturday, July 1

The way I see it - by jen leigh

My Wedding Plans - by Jen

Friday, June 30

"The Brother I Never Wanted"

Somewhere a friend is hurting. Truth be told, we are all hurting. Doesn't seem fair, hasn't he suffered enough? I've never been very patient. I don't like to wait. And yet, waiting is all we can do right now. Waiting for the inevitable. Waiting for what is to come. Just Simply Waiting.......

Wednesday, June 28

The Prettiest Girl in the World

Saturday, June 24

you have never have TOO MANY cloud pictures

Friday, June 23


Yesterday was a first for me. I played Bunco. My future mother-in-law asked me to substitute at her monthly game. The game was supposed to have started at 10:00, but thatnks to me it didn't begin til nearly 10:30. I wish I could say that I merely forgot, or perhaps I was running late, but no such luck. I got lost! Embarrassingly lost. It doesn't matter that I've been there before, or that I live about minutes away from where I was going. How hard could it be to find a house on the golf course? Boy, was I wrong. To make matters worse, My dear Mark, who has never been lost in his life, gave me wrong directions. So here I was wandering around the golf course hoping upon every hope that I would miracously arrive at her house. Thankfully, I made it without sobbing hysterically and embarrassing myself even more.

Thursday, June 22

one with nature

From time to time Mark likes to become one with nature.
Last night, Mark & I were quite the motivated couple. When it was almost dusk we walked 2 miles(granted it wasn't running, but whatever.) I didn't realize how hot it still is at that time. Stupid me didn't drink much water yesterday, needless to say, by the time we got back to the truck I was pretty parched. Downright dehydrated. Never drank a gatorade so fast.... On the bright side, it was definitely a good night for pictures...

Check this out!!!

Yesterday Mark and I ate at little outside cafe. While waiting (for nearly an eternity I might add) for our hamburgers I noticed this tree. Notice how it's growing? Right through the fence.

Monday, June 19

Can you figure out where this picture was taken?

I'm not sure what you think of this picture. Trust me-it'll grow on you.

Saturday, June 17

A story about Data

I realized, shockingly for the first time, that I've forgotten Data. "what Data?" "No, not what Data?" "Who's Data? This is Data. Our big German Shepherd. Data is the reason Midnight has been so well trained, and I swear he understands most of what it said, especially when it's about him. He can do all the boring dog stuff: sit, lie down, shake (yawn, yawn) But, how many dogs do you know that can close the door on command, or give kisses when told......he even faked taking his heart worm pill. Mark put it Data's mouth and held his mouth shut so he would swallow it. This is the only way that Data would take the stupid thing. Data would unwillingly swallow it and Mark would let go of his mouth-end of story. But this last time he faked us out. Mark held his mouth as usual,Data swallowed, and Mark let go. Data opened his mouth and out came the soggy pill. He did a fake swallow. I just stood there staring. Next thing I know, Data's tail is wagging and he's heading out the door.

My first trip to Starbucks

I remember when I bought my first Starbucks. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. People everywhere were holding their precious paper cup filled with their preferred coffee. I wanted that, too. I took my place behind a line of about 3 people. I was honestly quite shocked at how easily each patron gave their order. With seemingly no effort they rattled off orders like "Grande Cafe Mocha with soy," "Tall Caramel Macchiato" and "Tall Cafe Americano." Not wanting to appear dumb (imagine that!) I ordered the same thing as the person before me- a "Tall Cafe Americano." The experience did not leaving me wanting more. In fact, quite the opposite. I don't know what I was expecting, but I no sooner put it in my mouth that I nearly spit it right out again. That was a few years ago. These days, I'm the one that rattles her order off breathlessly,if at all.

Tuesday, June 13

The answer is "no"

It's amazing how many people live in the city, and yet how few actually step out of the box long enough to do something different. OR in the off chance that someone actually wants to do something a bit different, you can bet your bottom dollar that it'll be considered illegal and highly offensive.

Monday, June 12

why check the weather?

Saturday afternoon I walked outside and found Mark busily washing down the boat. This could only mean ONE thing. I don't know why we would bother checking the weather-it's not like there was a tropical depression out there......

Friday, June 9

I'm gonna write me a letter

It's definitely summer question about it. It's downright disgusting outside. My car thermometer said 100 degrees. Totally ridiculous. Much too hot. I feel like writing someone a letter- maybe some tree huggin' politician can tell me why it's to stinkin' hot. (of course they can, don't they know everything?) Y'know what? I would not want to be a plant right now-having to rely on someone like mark and I to give me water.....I can see myself withering away. I've been on this running kick-doing pretty good, too. Midnight and I have been getting up early and heading out before Mr. Summer has fully woken up from his night across the ocean.

Tuesday, June 6

under the bridge

originally uploaded by jleigh350

The Pinecone

originally uploaded by jleigh350.

Isn't this a beautiful picture? I wish I could take all the credit for it , but I can't. Mark spotted the pinecone and suggested that I photograph it. I was hesitant, but as it turns was a great shot! tag:

Saturday, June 3

Can you guess where this was taken?

"Designer Sale Now at eLUXURY